Welcome to The Future in Question

Anthropocene, Ecology, Pedagogy: The Future in Question

Fall-Winter Lecture Series 2015-2016

The Anthropocene is a controversial term for the dramatic global changes, euphemistically referred to as ‘climate change’ that is taking place; this includes potentially our own species extinction. The complex link between the economic productivity of our species via global corporate capitalism and the changing topology of the globe has been scientifically established. This lecture series addresses the question as to “what can be done” educationally, artistically, philosophically, sociologically, and economically given the precarity of life today in all sectors of living. Presenters are drawn from Canada, the United States and Europe from various faculties and departments to help explore this concern from an interdisciplinary perspective.

When: Fridays Noon – 1 PM (Specific Dates posted soon)

Where: Arts-Based Research Studio (Education North 4-104)

UA2TXT2 175-pix

Lecture series presented with support from theOffice of the Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta and the Arts-Based Research Studio. 


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